We're Hiring: Rust Research Engineer

Founded in early 2017, Symbolic Software has since worked on more than one hundred security audits for cryptographic implementations, protocol designs and more. We’re looking for a Rust research engineer to join us for a hundred more.

Help Audit the World’s Cryptographic Software

Symbolic Software has provided insight into modern cryptographic systems for clients ranging from banks and governments, to popular software you use every day. We’ve found critical vulnerabilities in some of the world’s most used software applications, including password managers and Mozilla Thunderbird’s PGP extension, Enigmail.

Push Formal Verification into the Real World

Symblolic Software has published cutting-edge research that brings formal verification into the daily workflow of security engineers and system designers. With Noise Explorer, we’ve made it such that designing, formally verifying and implementing custom secure channel protocols in Go and Rust is now a point-and-click affair, something that is unprecedented in the industry.

What We’re Looking For

Symbolic Software is currently looking for a Rust specialist to help us both audit Rust implementations of cryptographic code over the summer as well as maintain existing internal codebases written in Rust. Appropriate candidates would possess:

  • At least two years of security engineering or auditing experience (not necessarily in Rust.)
  • At least one year of Rust experience specifically.
  • Practical, results-oriented, no-nonsense “get-things-done” thinking and work style.
  • A strong work ethic, especially when it comes to adherence to deadlines.
  • A critical mind and ability to adapt to the needs of projects and clients.
  • A sense of humor.
  • Willingness to travel is a plus.
  • Experience with blockchain technology and smart contracts is a plus.

Right now, this position is only open for the summer of 2019, but based on how things go we might offer to keep you for beyond that time frame.

Working at Symbolic Software

Symbolic Software was founded in early 2017 by noted applied cryptography researcher and engineer Nadim Kobeissi.

  • We celebrate a company culture focused on learning, inquiry and discovery.
  • We offer competitive remuneration and handle all of your expenses beforehand.
  • You get to set your own work schedule, so long as you meet your deadlines.
  • We have zero tolerance for bureaucratic nonsense and deal with it for you, so you can focus on your work.

Here’s what people have to say about working at Symbolic Software:

“Symbolic Software is providing me with an environment where learning always comes first and this has yielded in a very rewarding experience overall. I have been able to approach problems and technologies that I thought were out of my scope of skills and knowledge, and was proven wrong. I have leveraged features exclusive to Rust in order to generate implementations of secure handshake protocols with memory and type safety guarantees.” – Georgio Nicholas, Rust Research Engineer, Symbolic Software.

“During my internship, Nadim was present to answer all my questions and to give me all the keys necessary to advance my work. His remarks were precious in informing my discovery of cryptographic protocols and formal verification. Working at Symbolic Software permitted me to immerse myself in the domain that I want to dedicate my professional career to.” – Maxime Anvari, Summer 2017 Formal Verification Research Intern, now an intern at Apple Inc..

In order to apply, please send your CV and cover letter to nadim@symbolic.software.

Equal Opportunity Commitment

Symbolic Software is looking for talented, honest, productive and intelligent applicants. We give an equal opportunity to every applicant and do not take into account race, gender, origin, religious beliefs, political beliefs, nationality, ethnicity or disabilities.